Trusted by Fortune 500 CEOs, Celebrities, Athletes and your next door neighbour.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are the first and only full service content & estate sale company in the industry and are the largest in Canada.
  • We have the best appraisers in the industry. Our appraisers have worked in the antique, art, furniture, china and jewelry business for decades. Other companies will guess what your items are worth by doing internet research. Our appraisers actually know what they are worth and we have even done appraisals for other contents sale companies in the past!  Sell My Stuff Canada takes the time and care necessary to properly value your items which gets you the most money at the end of the day.
  • We are fully insured. Ask to see an up to date copy of the insurance policy for any company you choose to work with. Many companies say they are insured, but really are not! If there is an accident during the sale, the home owner will be held liable. This is not a worry if you choose our company.
  • We offer the fastest service from start to finish. We run a one day sale with only a few days of prep needed. Online alternatives run one or two week auctions, and that doesn’t include prep work and pickup times.
  • Unlike some companies that will only accept the large lucrative jobs, we offer packages that are suitable for every client’s needs.
  • Our fee is reflective of the degree of service we provide. DO NOT choose a company based on fees alone. Just because another company charges a lower price, doesn’t mean you will make more money by having them run your sale. There is usually a reason behind the lower fee. Less staff members at your sale means more theft. No insurance means greater risk to you. Less advertising means less buyers. Remember the old adage you get what you pay for. The extra few percent we may charge in our fees will more than be compensated for by the extra money we get you for your items. Remember, cheaper is not always better. We pride ourselves in our service and we consistently get more money in the pockets of our clients than any other company.
  • Unlike sneaky online auctions, we run on a 100% commission-based fee structure, no lot fees, no hidden fees, no advertising fees, no upfront fees. Online auctions may say they charge a lower percentage, but there are many hidden fees and lot fees attached which end up costing the customer way more than we would charge at the end of the day.
  • Smaller, fly-by-night companies may skim money from the proceeds of your sale. Our national brand and stellar reputation speaks for itself. These companies often will charge a lower fee in order to sign you to a contract, however, they have to make their money somewhere!
  • We are the only company to accept credit cards at content sales. This is extremely important because it increases the chances that your larger, more expensive items will be sold. Other companies only accept cash, which eliminates a huge number of potential buyers.
  • Power in numbers results in obtaining top after-market dollar. We sell an entire household item by item (not lot by lot) resulting in far superior total sales.
  • Each transaction is handled by an experienced staff member. Low-ball offers will not be accepted meaning items will only sell for an amount we deem reaosnable (not the highest bid which could be $1 in an online auction).
  • Highly controlled sale day with multiple staff members present. This is no more intrusive than the preview/pickup days of an online alternative.
  • We offer delivery service and have strong workers at every sale which increases the likelihood of you selling the large, heavy items. These items might otherwise go unsold, as most people don’t have their own trucks and movers on hand.
  • We do not have a retail location, which is important due to the fact that we want to eliminate all conflict of interest from our sales. Imagine a customer at your sale wondering if they should buy your coffee table. We will do everything we can to sell them that table. How hard will the other company try to sell your table when they have others just like it for sale in their store that they would rather sell them? As well, other companies that have retail locations will price your items intentionally low, in order to buy them for themselves. They then offer these items for sale in their own stores for a huge profit. Make sure you ask any company you are considering working with if they own a store. If they do, stay far away! We pride ourselves in working only for you.
  • We take digital photos and post them on our website which is viewed daily by tens of thousands of potential buyers in every industry.
  • You will get top dollar for your items because we have the most extensive email list of any company in the industry. We have tens of thousands of potential buyers who have been asked to be notified in advance for our sales. Our extensive list will guarantee that you get the maximum exposure for your items directly to people who are ready and willing to buy! Unlike traditional estate sale companies we average a 90% sell-through rate.
  • Our phone is answered personally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the extensive advertising we do in magazines, newspapers, signs, flyers, internet and elsewhere, this generates tremendous interest in the items available for sale. We answer our phone at any time, day or night, in order to get as many people to come to your sale as possible.
  • We are the only contents sale company to offer junk removal services. This is important because after a sale is finished there may be some items or “junk” remaining which must be disposed of. Rather than calling a Junk removal company which will charge you thousands of dollars, or having this work subcontracted out which is what other estate sale companies do, our company does it all. This saves you money, time and hassle. We offer junk removal services starting from as low as $375. Our prices are typically 25% less than what the leading junk removal companies would charge.
  • Sell My Stuff Canada operates as a full time business. We can conduct a sale with as little as a few days notice and will work around your schedule. Part time companies will not do this.
  • We work hard to continuously build our positive reputation. We have been written about in major newspapers and magazines around the country, and are now being featured in a national television show (if you want…your sale could be on tv).

More Cash, Less Hassle…Relax, We’ll handle everything!