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I have worked with Josh on several occasions to help my clients in downsizing or getting rid of excess furniture and clutter in order to put their homes on the market. From the initial consultation to the evaluation of each item and the actual sale, it was orchestrated with professionalism and total organization. Each sale was a huge success. My clients were impressed with how their homes were left tidy and there was no evidence of the throngs of people who went through their homes.I highly recommend Josh and his wonderful team to anyone who may need to “sell their stuff”

Nadia De Vincenzo, Harvey Kalles Real Estate, Toronto

My sister had a content sale 6 months ago run by another company. She chose the other company because they said they would take a lower percentage on the sale. Boy was she sorry. This “company” wasn’t even a real company. They are husband and wife running the sale and no other staff at all. When someone wanted to buy the bedroom set from the second floor there was no one there to take it apart and bring it downstairs for the customer. They walked away without buying it. The prices they marked her items at were made up without any knowledge or experience at all. The entire sale was a failure because these people honestly had no idea at all how a content sale should be run. How can you run a sale for a three story house with only 2 people to supervise and help the customers? Most of my sister’s stuff was left over at the end of the sale and the guy running the sale just said “sorry, we tried our best”. When I moved into my condo last month I hired Sell My Stuff Canada, despite the fact that this other company tried very hard to get my business by lowering the percentage of what they would charge. Remembering my sister’s bad experience, I went with Sell My Stuff and I was thrilled. They had 7 uniformed people running the sale. They were organized and helped customers throughout the day. At 6am there was a lineup of over 100 people waiting for the sale to start. By 9am (the sale started at 8am) 1/2 of my stuff was gone. By 11am, it was 3/4 gone, and by the time the sale ended at 2pm there was nothing left except a bit of junk in the garage. I am thrilled with the job Josh and his team did for me and I would highly recommend their company to anyone thinking of having a content sale. The higher percentage I paid to Josh was more than compensated for by selling all of my items at a higher price. I ended up with much more money than if I would have gone with one of the cheaper companies. Keep up the good work Josh. You did great!

G.L. Richmond Hill, Ontario

When I needed to clear out my parent’s house and put on an estate sale I came upon Sell My Stuff Canada. After reading up on all that they offer I went with my “gut feeling” and gave them a call. It would prove to be the best call I could have made. When they say they do everything, indeed they do everything! Completely worry free. It was a whirlwind of two days on the weekend with the sale and the cleanup. All done very professionally, with great efficiency and with the utmost friendliness and care. Josh, really thank you and your associates. You made a somewhat sad situation a little more bearable for me. I would highly recommend Josh and Sell My Stuff Canada to anyone in need of their services. Thank you!!!

Kristin, Etobicoke

You recently managed a contents sale at our house in Aurora (Aug 9th) in preparation for our move at the end of the month and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated it! We were 100% satisfied with how the sale went and how you and your team pitched in to make it a very successful sale. We could never have done this without your expert service and experience. Your family team is dedicated and friendly and your passion for success came across in high sales and complete satisfaction! I would be happy to recommend you to anyone contemplating a similar sale.

Paul Kuehner, Aurora, ON

I’d like to say to those who are considering hiring the Newmarket team, they were great! For all the many reasons someone requires this type of service, they were very considerate and conscious that this process could be very difficult for some. Almost all the items were sold before 2 pm. They kept closing off areas as soon as items in that area were sold so your home wasn’t being trampled through , they would bring the remainders into a common area and keep everyone out of the already sold off zones. They were friendly and considerate. They knew many of their regular shoppers and even tried to sell items before the sale date if they thought they knew someone who would be interested in a particular item. They were even shipping an item to someone who contacted them for a particular vase. They brought along their sons to help move items and help customers with carry out and delivery too! They worked well together. All in all, they made it so much easier considering the daunting task I thought I could never get done on my own. Their help far outweighs the cost. Thank you so much for all your help.

Georgia Kirkby, Aurora, ON

I went to my first estate sale run by your company this past Saturday (the mansion in king city) and have to say, I was very impressed! Got some great finds and found your staff to be really organized and helpful. Looking forward to the sales next weekend!

Monica, King City

I wanted to let you know that we will be recommending you to anyone we know who has to do the “major downsize”. Derek was wonderful. He made what seemed to be a totally daunting concept totally doable. He took us through the process step by step, guided us along the way and made us feel as if we were in good hands at all times. The thought of getting rid of a family’s possessions is emotionally, physically and intellectually taxing. Derek was understanding and helpful at all times. When we saw our house after the sale, we were astonished at how much was gone—easily 90% of our possessions. Everyone we met along the way was professional and efficient. People respected our home. Nothing was damaged, even in the moving out of massive pieces of furniture. The house was left in excellent condition. We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.

Dene and Glenn Cohen, Toronto

After selling my 6000 sq. ft. house and moving to a 1500 sq. ft. condo, I had a lot of “stuff” to dispose of including furniture, kitchen items, art, tools and other miscellaneous items. After researching contents sale companies online I interviewed 2 companies and Derek from Sell My Stuff Canada impressed me with his knowledge of the industry and extensive database of customers. I signed a contract with Derek shortly after and was very glad that I did. Derek was very professional and led my wife and I through the process over the course of a couple of weeks. The sale was quite successful and approximately 85% of what I had for sale sold. I was pleased with the results and with the money that I received from the sale. I highly recommend Sell My Stuff Canada to anyone needing to sell off a lot of their possessions.

Robert, Toronto

I would highly recommend Josh and his team at Sell My Stuff Canada to anyone considering an estate or contents sale. We recently hired Josh to handle a contents sale for us and it was stress free and very profitable. I would personally vouch for his honesty and integrity. I felt that he and his associates conducted the entire sale in a very satisfactory and most professional manner. I would use his company again if I ever have the need and have already passed his name on to a number of friends.

Lynn Stepka, Richmond Hill

I used Sell My Stuff Canada to sell the contents of my home. Josh, Allan, Brian, Jared, Barb, Laura, and the rest of their team did everything they said they would do and more. They got me money for items I never thought I would get a penny for. I trust them completely to do a good, honest job for whoever may need them. I highly recommend Sell My Stuff Canada to anyone in need of their services.

Wayne, Toronto

I would like to thank you and Sell My Stuff Canada for a job well done. The sale went really well and we appreciate your services. I found your company to be very professional, in an easy-going way. When looking for a way to sell the things we could no longer use, since we are downsizing, I found your web site easy to use and answered almost all my questions. It’s always great to be contacted right away when you do start an inquiry and you were just that! Trying to get ready to move, deciding what you need to keep and what you can’t is hard enough, but your advice and opinions were truly helpful. We were very pleased with how you organized and displayed our sale items. It was great to come back after the sale to find so many things had been sold, in particular the large pieces! Just the fact that the things we didn’t want to sell and the rooms which we requested be kept closed were still there and as we left them was a sign of professionalism on your part. Settling our account right after the sale was great and closure to a long day! Again, thank you for all your hard work. Obviously your advertising works by the number of customers that came and by the volume of sales. I can honestly say that I would recommend your company to anyone who needs help downsizing or moving.

Karen Winters, Scarborough

Joshua is organized, efficient, and has an excellent rapport with people. We had some items that had been badly damaged in a flood in our home and some people had been rather rude in their statements, of course not knowing that the homeowner was present. Joshua was very polite in responding to those customers and I appreciate that very much. We had a lot of stuff that also needed to be taken to the dump and he was excellent in clearing our belongings from the home as well as taking all of it to the dump. Our sale was a bit difficult for him as not the entire home contents were for sale. He arrived on the day of the sale with enough workers to insure that only the items for sale were sold. Joshua is also a very socially active minded individual, and rather than dump some items, he connects them with organizations in other countries for those who will have a use for what otherwise might become landfill. In thinking of both the environment and those in need, he finds a home for many items and makes you feel good about things not adding to landfills. Thank you very much for this extra service, it is greatly appreciated! His professionalism was great and we are extremely pleased to have had him as our seller. Joshua is enthusiastic, dedicated and above all else reliable and trustworthy. I am very impressed by his work. I have never done this kind of thing before, and I highly recommend Joshua for any work that his company offers. Thank you for your professionalism!!!

A.H., Scarborough

My husband and I cannot thank you enough for all you did for us this past weekend. We were devastated at being advised by the new owners of our house that we could not go ahead with our contents sale as planned. You had staged the goods really well and we thought the pricing was most reasonable to ensure we sold as much as possible. You were so gracious and professional about the cancellation and were quick on your feet to pack everything and move it to a new location in order to facilitate us. If you had not had such a good team, and other resources, you could not have cleared the house so quickly. You left the house absolutely spotless. Sometimes life throws curved balls at us and even though I was utterly at a loss over what to do, you quietly took control of the situation and made the best out of it. I would recommend you and your business to anyone. When you are downsizing you just don’t know what to do with everything you cannot take with you, Sell My Stuff has the tools to get the job done. Our grateful thanks.

Rosemary and Nick, Toronto

I would like to thank Sell My Stuff Canada, as the team they sent to my house was a pleasure to work with. They were very diligent, honest and hardworking. After seeing all the hard the hard work that the team put into our contents sale, there is no way that we could have done it ourselves. The way they advertised and displayed all the items in our house was amazing. I would definitely recommend Sell My Stuff Canada to anyone in need of their services. Thank you.

Lisa, Thornhill

Sell My Stuff!!! Oh ya, and they did. I had all the normal reservation that anyone would have using this type of service for the first time. 4,000sq feet of stuff sold in less than 3 hours allowing me to scale down to a 900sq foot condo & giving me enough money to purchase new stuff more suitable for a much smaller space. It was an experience I won’t forget. Sell My Stuff surpassed my expectations they were professional, clean, careful & delivered what they said. Now I feel purged & ready to start fresh with enough money to make my new home look & feel the way I want. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks Sell My Stuff as you made a pain staking task painless. I will always highly recommend your company & services. Great concept, Great Job!!!

Olive, Richmond Hill

We decided we needed to do something with all the clutter in our house and my wife came across the Sell My Stuff Web Site. We sent a request and we heard back pretty quickly. Corey came to our house and provided us some feedback on our unusual situation. So we dealt with that and called Corey again. He came back out and we signed the contract. Corey and his team were very professional and great to work with for the setup, they did most of the heavy lifting which meant I didn’t have to. The advertising was as promised and the sale went smoothly. When we returned to our home you couldn’t tell hundreds of people had gone through except for the sold stuff. The sale did what we expected and with Corey’s advertising and contact list a lot more people went through than what we could have arranged. Keep up the great work!

‘J.B & S.B.’ Ottawa, ON

In my experience, Sell My Stuff Canada is the best at what they do. They are extremely fair, honest, professional, and friendly. They treat everyone with respect. Buy with confidence, sell with pride!

Martha, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When we downsized from our home in Erin, Ontario we called Tracy at Sell My Stuff Canada. At first, we weren’t sure how it would work out. But, boy, did it work out well! Tracy did an amazing job of selling most of the contents we could not take with us to our next home.We appreciated her professionalism, responsiveness and positive attitude.

Terry & Ron B, Erin, ON

I just want to thank you for the good job you did in doing the Content Sale at our place today. You managed to sell some of the items that we thought to be of no value and unmovable (like the fridge, stove and dishwasher) and some oddball items like the oil paintings and fetched more money than we expected. We also appreciated the thorough job of cleaning out the unsold items afterwards and left the house totally clean. All in all, a fine professional job.

Victor Lee, North York

Above and beyond! That is how well Sell My Stuff Canada met my expectations! Selling my mother’s house contents was a feat I really did not want to tackle. Tracy and her team made the whole process smooth, stress-free, professional and successful. My mom is now enjoying her new retirement home with a tidy profit in the bank. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Shari M, Kitchener, ON

I want to thank you for your recent thoughtful gift of clothing, shoes, socks, linens, towels, blankets and pillows for the clients of Good Shepherd Center. Your gift of clothing will go quickly to the Center’s busy clothing room, where volunteers distribute as many as 200 items of men’s clothing each day. Offering clean, good quality clothing to homeless men can help on so many levels. Your donation is making it possible for homeless men to dress appropriately for the weather. You are also helping to boost their confidence and self respect, making the task of finding housing or work much easier. Your donation is helping the homeless men who use the Center to stay clean and healthy. By helping them to stay clean, you are also helping them to keep their dignity. The linens, blankets and pillows you also provided are greatly needed as each bed in our dorm is stripped clean in the morning and fresh linen and blankets are placed on each bed. Thank you again for your support.

Cindy, Toronto

I truly commend the way in which you conduct your estate sales, and I believe that you are the sole estate sale agency, in the Ottawa area, that treats everyone on the same level. I really appreciate it when I go to an estate sale and I feel that antique dealers, personal friends, or privileged customers have not been there before the official sale date. After repeatedly hearing of “Sell My Stuff”, I decided to set aside my apprehension and give one of your sales a try. So, I went to the estate sale you hosted last Saturday and was quite pleased with the professional manner. I’m so happy that there is finally a fair estate sale agency in the area. I like to go at estate sales; you will certainly see me more often. Congratulations and thank you again. I wish you great success!

‘V.G.’ Ottawa, ON.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for your help and efficiency in selling/removing my furniture and my “junk”. To say that your help and efforts went way beyond expectations is a huge understatement!!! While I have not ‘caught up’ to social media, my family, friends and acquaintances will certainly hear about your service. Warm wishes,

‘A.F.’ Ottawa, ON.

We would like to take the time to provide Sell My Stuff with an excellent review. We have been to numerous sales run by this small Ottawa company with big selling power, and have always been treated with courteous customer service. Items are priced appropriately, and although negotiating is tougher during the first few hours, they always reduce their price tags at lunch and become more flexible. Every sale we have been to has been different: whether it was obvious the client was a young downsizer, or it was an estate being liquidated, their business format draws the crowds and empties the inventory. The best aspect of this company’s process is their Wednesday email notifications, we always get the chance to preview the upcoming event by looking at photos and deciding whether or not the sale is for us. Also, we really appreciate the fact that they give out tickets to people in line before they open up, so you can go for breakfast rather than stand in the rain. There is always an employee in every area of the sale, and although it can get a bit hectic sometimes, they always manage to attend to everybody’s purchases on a timely basis, while keeping a smile in the storm! Lastly, the young owner is often managing sales, and somehow manages to remember our names. We would certainly recommend this service to anybody who is looking to cheaply furnish a new home with quality “stuff”, but shopaholics beware of this addictive shopping format! Keep up the great work guys (and gals), we will be attending your amazing sales for years to come. Thank you,

‘J.G. & M.G.’ Ottawa, ON.

We recently had the good fortune to employ the services of Sell My Stuff Ottawa. The sale was quite large and diverse, as well as being in a rural location, two conditions which added a degree of difficulty to an estate sale. Corey and his staff handled every aspect of the sale professionally and courteously, from our initial meeting to the sale conclusion. They showed particular respect for our home and grounds. We would not hesitate to highly recommend the services of Sell My Stuff Ottawa. Thanks

‘K.G. & B.G.’ Almonte, ON.

Giddy with exhaustion! I find the SMSC team to have exactly what it takes to get it done. Never seen anything compared to this to clear out your unwanted stuff. The trashures, (treasure hunters) Lined up 65 deep at 8 A.M, to take part in the hunt for unused gold. Piles and boxes and bags were carried, dragged and pulled with a little red wagon down the congested quiet street. Corey’s ream left the premises clean and with a small hug, made my sale a success. Gratefully Giddy with a fist full of cash,

‘S.M.’ Ottawa, ON.

Thanks to Josh and his team for running an amazing sale at my parents’ home. I highly recommend Sell My Stuff Canada! It eased my parents’ transition knowing their items were going on to others, instead of the bin. Plus the extra cash is very nice!

Donna Vacca, Toronto

My thanks to Marcy for her knowledge, the time and the effort she put in to conducting our sale for us. Her patience and understanding was very much appreciated.  It was an overwhelming task but once we met with Marcy we had confidence that she could take charge and deal with everything. She did not let us down and she did an absolutely amazing job. I am so happy with the whole process from start to finish and highly recommend Marcy to anyone looking for honest, caring advice and a well run, all inclusive sale.
Judy Campbell, Calgary

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