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  • You are downsizing to a small condo and need to sell most of your bulky furniture.
  • You have an elderly relative who must be moved into a nursing or old age home and you want to clean out the house before it is sold.
  • You are a real estate agent advising your client to clear/sell the contents of their home before listing it for sale.
  • You are the executor of an estate and need the household goods sold immediately.
  • You are a family on the move and need to sell items before moving into the new home.
  • You are getting divorced and must liquidate your household items.
  • You have a house that is full of old furniture and junk that must be disposed of in a cost effective manner.
  • You want to have a content sale, but don’t know where to start, how to advertise, or how to price the goods.
  • You are looking to hire the best estate sale company out there.

We know that all of these experiences can be stressful and emotional. When it comes to parting with items that are no longer needed, Sell My Stuff Canada comes in to your home and helps make this experience as pleasant and profitable as possible without the aggravation or heartache. We guarantee a professional, “stress free” alternative for people who simply do not have the experience, time, expertise or access to a large customer base.

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