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Online Sales


What is our Online Content Sale service?

Our online content sale service was designed for clients who need to liquidate household items in quantity, but wish to avoid the risks of having a public estate sale or rolling the dice with an online auctioneer.

In basic terms: You decide which items in your home you would like to sell, we document them & publish your items on our online store, our regular buyers frantically purchase your items for set prices, and we host a customer pickup after the online sale is over… We handle everything regarding the preparation and hosting of your event!

We will sell anything (furniture, décor, electronics, appliances, rugs, art, tools, equipment, clothing, accessories, jewellery, china, collectibles, garage & outdoor item, kitchen & storage items, etc.)

Our online content sale service takes as little as 8-days from start to finish.

We are fully insured, so you can rest easy that your property is protected when in our charge.

How do we prepare your sale?

A few days before your sale is published on our online store, our prep team will arrive at your home for its scheduled visit to photograph & document all the items you’d like to sell.

We assign a price to each item we list on our online store, by first conversing with industry experts, and then investing hours of exhaustive research of comparables & past sales figures.

Lastly, we draft your online store event by uploading all items to our website’s innovative e-commerce platform (each lot includes many photographs, a full description, and of course a price tag).

How do we conduct your sale?

Our online content sales run live on our website for several days, and prices of unsold items are programmed to reduce in 10% increments, creating the urgency of a gambling atmosphere for those with their eye on a particular item (ex. a $100 item would be $100 during the first day of the sale, $90 after the first discount, $80 after the second discount, and $70 on the last day of the sale).

Customers purchase lots sight-unseen through our website by credit card, and then they receive an automated confirmation email with pickup instructions. Once an item has been purchased it is marked as sold on the website, so you can watch your event unfold in real time!


How do we advertise your sale?

We send out a mass-email notification to the industry’s largest buyers’ list, which is composed of thousands of subscribers, including general consumers, collectors of all kinds & a vast majority of the local professional after-market.

We advertise your sale across our massive social media network, for which we have tens-of-thousands of followers.

We post linked advertisements on major internet classified sites.

We provide 24-hour customer support and offer a customer delivery service.

What happens after your sale has concluded?

We send you an e-transfer for your share of the sale proceeds, along with a detailed sales report.

Our team of staff facilitate a 3-5 hour pickup time from your house; our staff are responsible for dismantling & moving furniture, and bringing purchases to the driveway for customers to load into their vehicles.

Finally, we can remove any unsold items to be donated or disposed of, and our removal fees are far cheaper than hiring a junk company (inquire with your Sell My Stuff Canada location regarding availability & pricing).


What are the first steps?

Decide what you want to sell & when you want it all gone.

Call 1-855-55-STUFF to inquire about your nearest Sell My Stuff Canada location’s availability & qualification requirements

Exchange our single-page contract by email… and you’re off to the races!


Special terms for buyers


-The customer agrees to comply with the event's advertised pickup instructions; please understand that items will be forfeited if they are not picked up during set pick up times and refunds will not be issued under any circumstance.  
-It is the customer's responsibility to bring enough assistance to load heavy items into their vehicle; please bring an appropriately sized vehicle for your purchase; if you cannot fit your item(s) into your vehicle during the customer pickup hours, you will have forfeited your purchase.
-When entering the property for pick up, customers are entering at their own risk.
-It is the customer's responsibility to ensure pick up of all items included in their purchase(s).
-It is the customer's responsibility to ensure receipt of automated purchase confirmation email. Please email your local SMSC location to resend if it is not received within minutes of purchase

*Please note that we are required by law to charge our customers sales tax on all purchases made through our online store.

Sell My Stuff Canada believes in transparency when conducting all business activities. We will do our utmost to represent every item in an honest and straightforward manner, by way of photographs and descriptions. Unless an item/lot’s description implies that it has not been tested or closely inspected, we have taken care to scrutinize each item posted for sale, however it is possible we may occasionally miss an imperfection or unintentionally mislabel an item. Please be aware that despite this possibility, all purchases made through our online store are final and made sight-unseen. Sell My Stuff will not be held responsible for any damages to items occurring during transit, or for any damages/injuries caused by purchased items once removed from the property.