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Toronto Swarovski MASSIVE Collection Online Sale- Part 1
(*scroll down for pictures)
(*please read sale details below)

This collection of Swarovski Crystal comes from one of Canada's BIGGEST and most notable collectors! There are some rare pieces, some unique pieces and some common pieces. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to buy from such a prized collection!!!

Key notes of the sale:

  1. Everything is assumed to be in the correct box unless specified in the title or description.
  2. Our team has diligently inspected each piece for condition and only included the items that were in excellent condition. No chips or major flaws, however please read the description of each item for any specific details.
  3. PRICING: we have spent time doing our due diligence on each item based on current and fair market value. However, if you are interested in purchasing multiple items, please contact us directly and we will do our best to offer you a better price (*if possible-- this is not a guarantee).
  4. PICKUPS/SHIPPING: we will be having local pickup in Thornhill every Sunday for items purchased that week. If you would require an alternative pickup time please contact us. We will be offering Canada wide shipping for this sale (shipping fees at the expense of the buyer).
  5. FREE SHIPPING/DELIVERY: all purchases made over $500 will qualify for FREE DELIVERY within York Region, GTA and Toronto.
  6. In-person viewing: if you would like to view specific items in person, please contact us to schedule a time. Please note that items are sold on a first come first served basis.


*DELIVERY & SHIPPING is available for this sale. Please contact us BEFORE making a purchase for an accurate quote*

p. 647-669-7159

Buyer's Premium: There is NO buyers premium on any Sell My Stuff Canada online sale as we want our customers to get great items for the lowest possible price always!

Sales Tax: There is a 13% sales tax (HST) charged on each transaction.

Sale Location:   Thornhill, ON. *Exact address will be given upon making a purchase.

Pickup Details:  A confirmation email will be sent to buyers when a purchase is made with more information.  Please DO NOT go to the house without a confirmation from us. Item(s) will NOT be released if it is not done on an authorized date.


Please make sure to read all special terms below before buying any items!!

Just like our in person sales, the first person to checkout and pay for the item with their credit card is the new owner of that item. The prices for this online sale are set. If you are successful in purchasing the item(s) in your cart, you will automatically receive a confirmation sent either as an email or SMS.

**Please arrive with enough time to pack and move your items during the hours of the pickup time. These hours are set and will not be extended. Please bring packing materials, boxes, bags, dollies, tools, tape, etc, and whatever else you may need for removal of your items as nothing will be provided at the location. Please bring enough assistance to lift heavy items as there will be no one to assist you at the location. Please bring your email confirmation of purchase as this will be your receipt. No items will be released without this receipt.

Sell My Stuff Canada believes in transparency when conducting all business activities. We will do our absolute best to represent every item in an honest and straightforward manner. Pictures and descriptions of the items should give you an accurate picture of the item you are interested in, flaws and imperfections included. We may not be able answer questions about individual items in our online sales as we typically do not have access to the house once pictures are taken. Please remember that most of these items are gently used and that is reflected in price!

Please make pickup or delivery arrangements prior to the pickup times listed above. Please understand that items will be forfeited if they are not picked up during set pick up times and a refund will not be given unless an alternative time is arranged that is mutually agreeable between both parties BEFORE A PURCHASE IS MADE.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We have a very limited refund policy. All of our online sales are "buyer beware". However, in very rare circumstances, only if an item is misrepresented in the description or picture, a limited refund may be given at the discretion of Sell My Stuff Canada. All refund related issues need to be raised at the time of pickup and refund requests placed after pick up will not be considered.

Thank you for visiting our online store and happy shopping!

Toronto Swarovski MASSIVE COLLECTION Online Sale “PART 1”- LIVE NOW!!!

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