Highlighting the Great Options at the Content Sales This Weekend

There are two content sales in Richmond Hill this weekend, both of which feature an assortment of different types of furniture, antiques, entertainment pieces, and kitchen supplies. The first one will take place on September 20th, and is located at 2 Mahaffey Cres. The second one will take place on Sunday, the 21st and is located at 49 Palomino Drive. Both Toronto content sales will start at 8AM while ending at 2PM.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights of the content sales that a the homes have to offer:

Used Furniture

Both sales feature a great deal of top notch furniture. The used furniture available at Mahaffey Cres. will feature a rosewood dining table with six leather chairs. Bedding available will include a king and queen bed, as well as a single pine bed.

The Palomino Drive sale will feature a 1930’s custom dining room table that also has 6 matching chairs. They have a wide array of different couches available, with three of them matching and a few other being leather. This sale, just as with the Mahaffey Cres. one, will also have a king and single bed available.

Content Sales Toronto Entertainment Pieces

The content sales at Mahaffey Cres. and Palomino Drive will have plenty of entertainment pieces available as well. The content sale on the 20th will have B&W Series speakers, a Sony Wega TV, and a Sharp Aquos 42’ LCD panel available. For those interested in fitness they will also be showcasing their many exercise machines to go along with a mountain bike.

The sale on the 21st has a pool table complete with balls, cues, and a cue rack, and will also have air hockey table for anyone interested in adding to their entertainment rooms. As far as technology goes, they will have a 42’ Toshiba flat screen TV available for sale. Sporting equipment available includes a punching bag, bikes, and golf clubs.

Antiques & Kitchen Supplies

Out of everything that these two homes will be showcasing for sale, the antiques available at these two content sales may be the real treasures.

The Palomino Drive sale will have Windsor Black Bone China dinnerware set available that can serve as both an antique and for use in the kitchen if you so choose. There is also a lot of Chinese and modern artwork available. The grandfather clock that they’re advertising as available is definitely an intriguing antique option as well. The crystal glassware and serving dishes they’re offering will help add pizzaz to anyone’s kitchen.

The Mahaffey Cres. sale has one of the more intriguing items available of all the sales this weekend. That item…a Virgilio Capellini styled Cremona 1995 violin which has been sold at some auctions for anywhere in the $5,000-$10,000 range. They will also be having a Johannes Kohr violin and Meinl bow available for sale, making this a treat for any musical enthusiast.

These are just some of the many items that will be available at the two content sales this weekend. Stop by 2 Mahaffey Cres. on Saturday and 49 Palomino Drive on Sunday to see what else they’ll have to offer.