Whether you’re attending a garage sale on your local street corner or taking part in one of our actual estate auction at an auction house, there is a certain protocol and proprietary system that is recognized and, for the most part, followed. But like any financial or product transaction, there are always risks and things to watch out for. These can reflect both on the quality of products, and on the quality of the buyer or seller of the product.


The easiest way to ensure that who you’re dealing with is legitimate and trusted is to check with the company doing your estate sales in Toronto. At SellMyStuff we have been routinely recognized for our honesty and integrity when it comes to handling all the steps involved, eliminating the threat of being ripped off. But for other companies or privately held antique auctions and moving sales this is not always an easy thing to do. Generally, however, auctioneers have built up a reputation as being honest and fair, although it always helps to ask around.

Things to consider when choosing an estate auctions company:

  1. That they have a strong reputation in the community and at large, and that what they are selling is of the caliber of quality you expected.
  2. Check the websites where they are listed, like www.sellmystuffcanada.com, and do your own research. Know what it is you want to sell or buy, and make your intentions clear.


Depending on what sort of products you’re interested in, the inherent quality may vary – for example, certain products at antique auctions are always susceptible to certain defects like fading, dents, and general wear-and-tear common to second-hand items. Being knowledgeable about the product and what sorts of things to expect will help you make the right decision when purchasing items from estate sales.

Items to watch out for:

  1. These include most antiques, especially those made of wood like furniture, and also paintings and various artwork. When looking at paintings or other artwork be sure to inspect both the condition of the canvas, any visible weathering, and the frame.
  2. Records, audio/visual equipment, and DVDS can suffer a lot of damage that isn’t immediately evident. If possible, ask for a demonstration of the equipment to ensure that t is, in fact, functional.
  3. Garden tools, fireplaces, etc. are also key items at garage sales and moving sales that due to their nature can also have incurred damage that is not obvious. This can include minute fracturing, breaks, leaks, and stress attributed to their use.

Security of Transaction

When it comes time to pay, most estate sales in Toronto, including we at SellMyStuff, find the easiest and most reliable method of payment is cold, hard cash. In general, this is the norm for garage sales and moving sales, as it ensures and immediate and direct transaction. However, larger estate auctions and estate sales sometimes allow cheques as valid payment – be aware that these are not necessarily reliable, and if possible always ask for (and pay in) cash.