The rustic vintage vibes are back and they are not going away any time soon. This time the reminiscence for the past is indulged in the increasingly popular shabby chic style. The design is a modern reading of the lush and rich Regency period interior. It combines rustic vintage style and contemporary urban trends.  The comfortable, cosy, worn out and yet classy look can be adapted to any type of decor. Shabby chic is relatively easy to re –create, which is probably the reason why it is so enduring. What’s even better is that, you don’t need to hit the flea markets, antique fairs or junk shops. Many e –commerce sites are embracing the trend and offer great deals. Feeling inspired already? Here is how you can achieve your own shabby chic look. Shabby chic is all about weathered feel. The colours are no exception. The design is associated with soft and romantic tones. Avoid dark and moody shades. Replace them with worn out icy pastel shades and the whites. These shades are usually represented in the classic shabby chic design. If you want an interior with more character select worn out, antique – like colours such as muted mustard, cornflower

In order to mimic the typical wear and tear look, shabby chic strongly incorporates faux painting techniques. The walls look bleached and grubby.  The most popular techniques are by using glaze or painting and then sanding or rubbing the top coat to unveil the base coat or the wood. The method is known as “distressing” the finish. It can be used both for the walls and for the furniture. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the walls. The more warn out they look the better. The furnishing has a central role in shabby chic design and will give definition to the room .One of the most distinctive characteristics of this style is the heavily painted items. If you don’t own genuinely vintage and antique items, you can get the look with the distressing technique. Look for furniture that resembles the style of the old

Get a farmhouse – style rustic table for the kitchen or a chintz sofa and wooden coffee table painted in a vintage white or a creamy yellow. Painted cupboards and cabinets will spice up the decor. Instead of the traditional seating, use a bench or iron chairs. Add an accent with mismatched cushions. Shabby chic is great if you want to recycle some old furniture. Chances are that your appliance will have minor flaws, like stains or small damages. Don’t give up! You can bring your favourite pieces back to life with a little cleaning and simple DIY. Upholstery cleaning can really turn your furniture from trash to class. With the right detergent and a little effort you can give your pieces a makeover. Vintage floral patterns are shabby chic trademark.  The textiles tend to be cotton or linen in pastel and bleached out colours. Ticking fabric will give timeless classic and sophistication to the decor. You can go as wild as you want with the accessories. When it comes to vintage you have infinite choice between authentic and vintage items. Old –fashioned vases and bottles will perfectly fit the romantic atmosphere. If house cleaning is not your favourite activity, keep fewer accessories on your open shelving.

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