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Sunday October 15th – Content Sale from a Large MODERN Home in Richmond Hill!!!

This sale will be held on Sunday, October 15th from 9AM to 2PM @ 12 Brocton Ave. The closest major intersection is Yonge St, & Stouffville Rd.

THIS FANTASTIC SUDNAY SALE FEATURES: a Large detailed Roll Top Desk, an ornate marble coffee table, a black cast iron patio set with 6 chairs, a large sectional sofa, 2 upright curio cabinets, Antique sideboard, Murano Glass, Elte Rugs, Accent tables, Many beautiful pieces of ART, a snowblower, decor items, BBQ & MUCH MORE!!!!!

The contents of this sale include BUT are not limited to: a Large detailed Roll Top Desk, marble top coffee table with detailed doubled legs, black cast iron patio table with 6 chairs, overhanging outdoor umbrella, 2 upright curio cabinets, gold painted console table, accent tables, wing back chair, small upholstered bench with wood frame, beige upholstered sectional couch, khaki tufted upholstered day bed/chaise, MURANO glass vases and decor items, Elte Wool Rugs, 4 ORNATE sculptures, Antique hand-carved sideboard, Art- large watercolour on canvas, wood dresser w/mirror, small baker’s rack, wood chest, red heart shaped futon/couch, patio furniture, upholstered DOWN FILLED couch, funky yellow chairs, wood coffee table, curio cabinet, Dining table + 10 chairs, Arlens snowblower, BBQ, Large selection of artwork, glassware, decor items, small chest freezer, knick knacks & MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!

Everything is priced to sell and must go Sunday at 2pm! All prices are negotiable and there are deals to be had! Come early for the best selection and come late for the best deals. Hope to see you there!

We take CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS. Come say hi to our friendly staff this weekend and get some great deals on some great stuff!

PRICING INQUIRIES: Please do not call in about prices before the sale as we will not be responding to price inquiries made over the telephone. If you are interested in pricing for a particular item please visit us at the sale.

NO PRE SALES OR POST SALES: All deals must be made during the hours of the sale.

TICKETS: For your convenience, we will begin handing out free numbered tickets around 8:15 am (approximately 45 minutes before the start of the sale).  Feel free to relax in your vehicle, or even go and grab some breakfast, but make sure to be lined up at the start of the sale, in order of ticket number. Please note that we will allow one person to enter per ticket, and if you are not present when we call your number, you will have forfeited your position in line. As well, if you show up before we start handing out tickets, please adhere to the honor system and line up in order of appearance.

CAN’T MAKE IT TO THE SALES THIS WEEKEND? You can now call in a bid (or negotiate a price) and we can sell you the item over the phone with a credit card! We will be starting this after 10 am for every Saturday or Sunday sale from now on. We can’t allow this right from 8/9 am as it is not fair for people who actually show up early and wait in line to get their first selection. Please note that all sales are final and purchases over the phone are made sight unseen. Arrangements can be made for delivery or pick up at a later date. If you ever want to sleep in or are out of town one weekend but really need to buy that special something from one of our sales then this is for you!

Call us toll free @ 1-855-557-8833 (STUFF) EX. 1