Sat Sept 12th London (in person sale)

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Saturday, September 12 – contents sale in Oakridge running from 9-1pm only at 757 Green Lane off of Riverside Drive. As with everything in this Covid time, masks will be required and social distancing,  both in line and inside the house, must be maintained. A maximum of 10 people will be allowed in the house at one time. This sale is small but if you are looking for something to to keep you busy over what could be a very long winter, then why not try furniture restoration? These items are all mint pieces with history behind them – many having a tag to tell their story!

For your convenience, we will begin handing out numbered tickets around 8:00 am . Feel free to relax in your vehicle, or even go grab some breakfast, but make sure to be lined up at the start of the sale, in order of ticket number. Please note that we will allow one person to enter per ticket. We stop handing out tickets at the start of the sale, and if you are not present when we call your number, you will have forfeited your position in line (if you arrived too late to receive a ticket, please go to the back of the line). As well, if you show up before we start handing out tickets, please adhere to the honour system and line up in order of appearance. (Do not knock or ring the doorbell)

Credit card is the preferred method of payment to reduce interaction but cash will be accepted. After all, it is cash!!