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Online contents sale from a great family home in the Beddington neighborhood in NW Calgary is LIVE NOW and will close on  Saturday October 14th at 8 pm.


Discounts will be as follows: Thursday 10% off, Friday 20% off and Saturday 30% off (if items are still available).

Preview: There is no in-person preview date for this online sale.

Buyer’s Premium: There are NO buyer’s premiums charged on any of Sell My Stuff Canada’s online sales, as we want our customers to get great items for the lowest possible price always!

Pick-up Times

Sunday October 15th, 10am to 1pm at 104 Bermuda Rd NW, Calgary.

Please note that this is the designated available pick up date/time. Please plan to have your item(s) picked up by yourself or a representative during this time slot. If you or a representative are absolutely unavailable to make this pick up time please let us know as we can try our best to work out alternative arrangements.

Special Terms


Just like our in-person sales, the first person to checkout and pay for the item with their credit card is the new owner of that item. The prices for this online sale are set, however in true Sell My Stuff fashion, prices will be reduced as the sale progresses. For first 2 days of the sale, prices are set as indicated. Prices will then be reduced by 10% on each of the following three days, so that during the last day of the sale prices have been reduced to 30% off original price. Example: On Tuesday and Wednesday the items will be full price. On Thursday at 12:00 am the prices will be reduced by 10% from their original marked price. On Friday at 12:00 am the prices will be reduced 20% from their original marked price. And on Saturday at 12:00 am the prices will be reduced 30% from their original marked price.

Please arrive on pick-up day with enough time to pack and move your items during the hours of the pickup time. These strict one-time-only hours are set and will not be extended under any circumstance. Please bring your email confirmation of purchase as this will be your receipt. No items will be released without this receipt, and nobody will be permitted entry without a valid purchase receipt. If many people show up at once to pick up their item(s), priority will be given on a first-come-first-served basis. Please bring packing materials, boxes, bags, dollies, tools, tape, etc, and whatever else you may need for removal of your items, as nothing will be provided at the location. Please bring enough assistance to lift heavy items as well. When entering the house or premises for pick up, you are entering at your own risk. You will be required to remove your shoes upon entry, and we ask that you treat the house and its contents with respect. Please understand that items will be forfeited if they are not picked up during set pick up times and refunds will not be issued under any circumstance. All deals must be made for this sale through our online store, hence no further transactions will be accepted on our pickup day. Shipping is not currently available for our online sales.

Sell My Stuff Canada believes in transparency when conducting all business activities. We will do our utmost to represent every item in an honest and straightforward manner. Photographs and descriptions of the items should give you an accurate picture of the item you are interested in, flaws and imperfections included. Unless an item/lot’s description states that it has not been tested or closely inspected, we have taken care to scrutinize each item posted for sale, however it is possible we may occasionally miss an imperfection or unintentionally mislabel an item. Please be aware that despite this possibility, all purchases made through our online store are final and made sight-unseen; no discounts, returns or refunds will be issued on pickup day, or upon delivery.

We will not be able answer questions about individual items in our online sales, as we have posted all the information we have on hand, and typically do not have access to the house once pictures are taken.

Everything is priced to go Saturday by 8pm! Shop early for the best selection and shop later for the best deals. We hope you enjoy this new and exciting service we have introduced for your shopping pleasure!