Sun March 17th Edmonton

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Sunday, March 17th from 2pm-4pm we are holding an architectural / construction materials viewing and sale at a home in the Laurier Heights area of Edmonton.  To view or purchase any of these items you must call or email to schedule a viewing and to receive the address of the sale location (see the contact information on the right side of the screen).

Some of the items available are shown in the photographs below.  Some of the items that will be included in this sale are baseboards/trim, light fixtures, chandlers, pocket doors, bi-fold doors, exterior doors, hand rails and iron spindles, pillars, draperies and valances, bathroom fixtures, bookcases, etc.  Please come prepared to take your own measurements.

These items will be removed from the premises by the homeowners contractor and will be available for pick-up at a later date (tbd), March 17th is for viewing and purchase only.

For those who have contacted us to attend this viewing and sale, we will be handing out free numbered tickets approximately 30 minutes before the start of the sale. If you show up before we start handing out tickets, please adhere to the honour system and line up at the front door. Waiting for a ticket in your car does not qualify as a line-up position. Once you receive a ticket, feel free to relax in your vehicle. However, be sure to be lined up at the start of the sale in order of ticket numbers. We only allow one person to enter per ticket. We stop handing out tickets at the start of the sale and, if you are not present when we call your number, you will have forfeited your position in line. If you arrive after the start of the sale, please go to the back of the line (if there is still a line-up). The sale manager will determine how many people from the line-up are to be admitted into the sale and when the next group from the line-up will be admitted. You may have to wait to get into the sale even if you show up before the sale starts. When you will be admitted into the sale depends on how many people are in the line-up ahead of you. Buyers are strictly forbidden from attempting to contact our client prior to our arrival. Please do not knock or ring the doorbell.  Please be prepared to wait as each viewing must be escorted.