Sell My Stuff Canada has a new referral program – offering cash incentives for referring someone you think could use our full-service solution. Refer a client, neighbour, friend or relative today!

All referrals will be handled with courtesy and discretion and your name will never be disclosed if you wish to remain anonymous.


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Conditions: In order to earn your referral fee, the individual you refer to Sell My Stuff Canada must already be considering moving or downsizing and must not have previously contacted Sell My Stuff Canada to set up a consultation or sale. The referral fee applies to in person content sales only and does not apply to online sales or junk removal. The referral fee is not eligble if it is for a family member or an arms length relative.  The individual must sign up for a sale to be conducted within 3 months of your referral. This referral fee is only valid for the first sale this individual conducts with Sell My Stuff Canada and is not valid for any other subsequent services Sell My Stuff Canada may complete for the individual. This referral fee is based on the sale income earned by Sell My Stuff Canada for their services only and not the total proceeds of the sale. Sell My Stuff Canada reserves the right to reject any referral in their sole discretion and / or to change / close / modify the terms and offer at any time without notice.