Initial consultation

After we receive your call or email, we set up an initial free consultation in your house. This is done in order to view your contents, and make suggestions regarding price points and other matters to allow for the online sale to happen. We review any time constraints or financial goals you may have, and come to an agreement on the services to be provided for the online sale and the compensation arrangements. All of this is then documented in a detailed contract.

Appraisal / Pricing

We will research / price all goods so that you obtain fair market value when they are sold. Our appraisal services include but are not limited to photographing, documenting and researching items you wish to have sold. We conduct research, converse with industry experts, examine historical values considering the items condition, and assign a realistic market value to your possessions. We assure that you will get the most money possible for your possessions and even allow you to submit a minimum price for any item you wish. If this price is not obtained then the item is kept for you.

Preparing for the sale

We know that not everyone’s house is designed for a sale, and that is why we have our online store as an option. There is absolutely no set up to be done on your end. We will come in and take digital photos of all items and post them on our online store for our customers to view and make purchases online.

Advertising the Sale

The sale is advertised and marketed extensively in order to attract the largest number of qualified buyers for your household items. We contact all necessary buyers depending on the items you have for sale and direct them to our site. We also email our extensive contact list which is comprised of people that want to be notified in advance for sales like yours and who are looking to buy! Our email list is BY FAR the largest in the country. . We post ads on all of our social media platforms as well to make sure your sale is seem by the most amount of eyeballs. We don’t stop advertising until the sale is complete.

The day of the sale

We make you sale live on the website and watch the buying begin! We have the highest success rate in the industry based on percentage of items sold during our online sales due to our extensive contact list and large customer base. From the large items to the small, we will sell it all!

Pick ups

Pick ups and moving of purchased items are the buyers responsibility, not yours. When filling out the initial contract we will choose a set time for pickups which is usually one day for a few hours. Buyers know to arrive with enough time to pack and move their items and will bring packing materials, boxes, bags, dollies, tools, tape, etc, and whatever else they need to remove their items, They will bring enough assistance to lift heavy items as you are not responsible to assist them with their removal of items.

After the sale

As we promise to be there for you every step of the way, our complete solution with extensive range of services doesn’t wrap up after the pick ups at the sale’s completion. Left over unsold items still belong to you but if you wish, we can remove any items that are not sold during the online sale. We can drop off all unsold items to a local charity such as Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity or The Salvation Army. Items that charities will not accept will be taken to a legal city dump for proper disposal. We make sure the house is completely clean and presentable for new owners or tenants before our job is done. That process can be as simple or as detailed as you wish, and is guaranteed to be completed by the date you specify. After our job is done, we will leave you with your copy of the “sign-off” sheet, along with a cheque for your percentage of the money obtained from the sale of your goods.

Special terms for buyers

Just like our in person sales, the first person to checkout and pay for the item with their credit card is the new owner of that item. The prices for this online sale are set. However, just like our “in-person” sales, the price will be reduced as the sale progresses. The first day of the sale, the price is set as indicated.
You can buy it then for that price, or take you chances that it will still be available and wait for a price reduction of 10% which will occur 2 days before the sale closes. You can then play Russian Roulette once again and buy it for that 10% price reduction or wait until the day before the sale ends where the price will be reduced by 20% from its original price. If you’re feeling really gutsy you can wait until the last day of the sale where the item will be reduced by 30% from its original price.

Just like our “in-person” sales are famous for the slogan “come early for the best selection and come late for the best deals”, our online sale will soon become famous for “buy immediately and get what you want, or buy later and get a better deal…if it’s still there”. (Example: Say the online sale starts on a Wednesday and ends on a Saturday at 5:00 PM. On Wednesday the prices will be set as indicated. On Thursday at 12:00 AM the price will be 10% off. On Friday at 12:00 AM the price will be 20% off. On Saturday (the day the sale ends) at 12:00 AM the price will be 30% off from its original marked price.)

Please arrive with enough time to pack and move your items during the hours of the pickup time. These hours are set and will not be extended. Please bring packing materials, boxes, bags, dollies, tools, tape, etc, and whatever else you may need for removal of your items as nothing will be provided at the location. Please bring enough assistance to lift heavy items as there will be no one to assist you at the location. Please bring your email confirmation of purchase as this will be your receipt. No items will be released without this receipt.

When entering the house or premises for pick up please enter at your own risk and treat the house with respect.

Sell My Stuff Canada believes in transparency when conducting all business activities. We will do our utmost to represent every item in an honest and straightforward manner. Pictures and descriptions of the items should give you an accurate picture of the item you are interested in, flaws and imperfections included. We will not be able answer questions about individual items in our online sales as we typically do not have access to the house once pictures are taken. Please remember that most of these items are used and that is why our prices are so low!

Sell My Stuff Canada does not arrange shipping or delivery so please make arrangements at your own risk. Please understand that items will be forfeited if they are not picked up during set pick up times and a refund will not be given unless an alternative time is arranged that is mutually agreeable between both parties.

We have a very limit refund policy. All of our online sales are “buyer beware”. However, in very rare circumstances, only if an item is misrepresented in the description or picture, a limited refund may be given at the discretion of Sell My Stuff Canada. All refund related issues need to be raised at the time of pickup and refund requests placed after pick up will not be considered.

Thanks for visiting our online store and happy shopping!
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