The biggest obstacle new home-owners have when moving has always been the familiar saying: “Location, location, location!” More realistically, the most stressful aspects of moving is the notorious moving sale and what you’re going to do with all that “stuff” that doesn’t fit in your new location! You need to worry about unloading all the contents of your home that you don’t need anymore, and you are shocked at how much “stuff” you have accumulated over the years that you simply can’t take with you. Moving sales have almost always been a dream come true for interested buyers, and a nightmare for the person who has to set it up. That’s why at Sell My Stuff we try to streamline the process and make it not only easier on you to get rid of your old possessions, but also help you make a little money during the process to help with your transition into a new home.

How do we do this? The first step is an appraisal where our experienced appraisers categorize and price your moving sale items and try to arrive at a fair and balanced market price. This involves research and experience and making educated decisions about the value of each item. Afterwards, we move your household items onto our website which is viewed daily by tens of thousands of people across the country!

All photos of all items can be seen on our website and special attention is given to those items at your sale with higher values to make sure we find the right buyer. Our wide range of customers can see what is available for sale and decide whether they want to buy anything that catches their eye. Because we have franchises across Canada, we are able to market to a huge number of interested buyers and companies who want to buy your items!

Some of our buyers bid online or call in a bid over the phone (through credit card), but the majority of our sales are done on site the day of the sale at your residence. Sell My Stuff will help you organize a moving sale at your home and will bring dedicated staff the day of the sale to take care of the crowds that show up to buy.  We will also contact local companies and other interested buyers, including antique stores or electronic goods stores that may be interested in your moving sale, and will take care of the entire selling process.

The advantages of using an online company like Sell My Stuff to facilitate your moving sale is two-fold: first, our online and print advertising helps you reach the widest possible audience of interested buyers.  Second, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are working with professionals that will assist in every step of your moving sale, from organizing items to finding the best prices for your products, to even taking care of unsold unwanted items.

The future of moving sales has never been so easy, and at Sell My Stuff Canada it is our pleasure to help turn your moving sale from an ordeal into a no-hassle money-making event. By utilizing the internet and online tools we have one of the largest across-Canada buying and selling networks to date. With branches in a number of major cities across the province, we are also closer than you realize, and ready to help you with all of your moving sale needs!