Selling second-hand products and goods has been a standard for thousands of years, from ancient merchants hawking their items in crowded streets and antique auctions, to the flea-markets and bustling vendors in today’s busy urban environment. But more and more, the Internet and online trading has become the staple means of both purchasing and selling products. At SellMyStuff we specialize in handling contents sales in the Toronto area and have a number of branches across Canada.

A Wider Audience

The benefit of using our Toronto based company rests in our auction’s ability to corner a wider audience than conventional physical trading. By coordinating with thousands of different institutions, from import-export companies to mom-and-pop antique stores, you can access an unprecedented amount of different resources. Especially in terms of specialty or rare items, such as books, antiques, or exotic curiosities, cooperation with contents sales on our website at make finding them and shipping them easier than ever.

Competitive Bidding

As a result of being able to compartmentalize the whole estate auction process online, the potential to purchase goods has not only become easier, but it has also encouraged a very competitive market – for example, having such a wide array of different suppliers means that the quantity of a given good is necessarily larger. As a hobbyist or individual buyer, this helps to drive the price down and many goods can be purchased for wholesale prices or less, especially at antique auctions where older items are the staple. Additionally, if you do have a monopoly on a specific item (for example, you run a bicycle repair shop), it has never been easier or more affordable to find wholesale items.


On the other hand, when it comes to selling your goods, our estate auction process can also be a boon. Everyone knows the frustration that comes from sitting outside at a garage sale all day and not having anyone buy anything – having your products appear online eliminates the need for extra man-work. And, as mentioned, by reaching an even wider online presence, the chances of finding a buyer invariably go up.


So what is the result of being able to advertise and organize estate auctions online to a huge number of different prospective clients? At SellMyStuff we think that means opening up a network of connections where relationships can be formed. The next time you come across a piece of varnished rose-wood furniture, you know exactly who to look up, and this contributes to a ‘community of trust’ among contests sales in Toronto and abroad. As well, some online websites offer the chance to look at previous transactions made by buyers and sellers and see reviews that others have given them. This helps to eliminate the inherent risks involved with garage sales and moving sales by ensuring that a client is both honest and has been verified by others as having quality goods – by using a professional and insured estate auctions company like SellMyStuff, all your items are reasonably priced at their fair market value.