Spring and summer are the times for cleaning the house for moving sales and contents sales, and this is always the season when garage sale signs appear on telephone poles and people rummage through their basements and attics for things to sell. But as fun as garage sales can be, they have several distinct disadvantages over online estate auction companies like we at SellMyStuff, who specialize in Toronto auctions and contents sales services.


The most obvious advantage that online contents sales have is their convenience. Instead of wasting time outside or having to keep an eye on the lawn to make sure no one runs off with that old TV on display, we upload all your information online. This obviously frees up time that can spent doing other things, but it also eliminates the need for the backbreaking physical work of moving things and setting them up. With a click of a button, the work is done for you.

Conversely, unlike garage sales that may or may not be listed, and which always require a certain degree of hunting around, online auctions, estate sales, and moving sales are always updated routinely on websites. These can include places of residence, or they can include stores and warehouses that are going out of business or that sell used furniture in the Toronto area.


Another key factor that moving sales and estate auctions have is the knowledge that you are dealing with professionals, and that there is a mediator monitoring the process of transaction. At SellMyStuff, we take care of the whole process of appraising prices of goods, and going the extra mile by contacting other stores and companies in your area. Granted, it can be fun to haggle face-to-face with an interested buyer, but estate sale events are comparably more balanced when it comes to acquiring products fairly and cheaply, and without feeling like you’ve been cheated on a purchase.
Since all of our Toronto auctions are also planned in advance, there is a great deal of information available beforehand about locations, transaction methods, and (if you do your research) what sorts of items will be available. But like garage sales, estate sales occur at the place of residence, so there is still a sense of connection with your buyer, and the ability to observe and participate in the whole process.

Finding What You Want

Again, there is a charm in going to a garage sale with no expectations – half their fun is in being surprised at the treasures you might find! But for more industrious buyers, it can often feel like a huge let-down if you walk across the neighborhood to half a dozen different garage sales and don’t turn up anything but junk. It’s disappointing, not just for the customer, but also for the buyer. This is why estate auctions and estate sales, which list some or all of the available items available, tend to offer a more efficacious route when looking for specific goods. Whether it’s that antique train set, or a marble kitchen counter, you always know in advance what will be on sale – no surprises.