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Although conventional garage sales and content sales are still a favored way of selling off goods and getting rid of all the leftovers from spring cleaning, at Sell My Stuff we are recognized as a leader among estate auction companies for a number of reasons – and not just with individual clients, but with small time businesses and business owners who want to expand their market. Our tested and proven method of appraisal, advertising, and auctioning has helped thousands of people sell their items across the country.


Advertising Is the Magic Word

Through online advertising via our website and hotline, Sell My Stuff Canada makes it easy to coordinate estate auctions that will attract interested parties through two primary incentives:

1. Appraisal and Listing of Items

Every estate auction undergoes an appraisal of its goods by a team of dedicated staff who have extensive experience and a broad knowledge base when it comes to antiques, specialty goods, used furniture, and other common items up for sale. After the appraisal, goods are selected for their optimum market value, and a list of these items are updated on our website. This allows others to see what’s for sale at the estate auction, and narrows down the audience to serious potential buyers.

2. Website and Mediation

Because all the information is listed on the website, we are able to attract a large customer base days or weeks in advance of an actual estate auction. This interest allows for a maximum number of interested buyers to attend, and our experienced staff at the auction ensure that your goods receive the attention (and price) they deserve.

3. Additional Marketing

Though the website is the primary means of advertising, ads are also placed in newspapers, magazines, and other internet sources. Lawn signs and posters advertising the date, location, and inventory are put up around your neighborhood to encourage local interest.

Why Advertising Is Key

As any business owner knows, there is a direct correlation between profit and exposure. At Sell My Stuff Canada we have gained recognition not only for helping estates large and small but also in encouraging lasting relationships with our clients and shoppers at the sales.

Because we are the first and largest estate company in the industry and in Canada, we’re able to reach other venues and markets normally inaccessible to everyday clients. In part, this is a result of our broad interest in a variety of products, which are defined by buyers – whether it’s furniture, expensive crystal and china, jewelry, art, or antiques. Once an initial consultation and appraisal has been committed to, professionals in a number of different industries are contacted in reference to specific items – for example, watch-makers, book-buyers, jewelry specialists, furniture buyers, etc. to boost exposure of the estate auction.

Speed, Efficiency, and Satisfaction

The benefit of using a company for your estate auction is that the entire process is taken care of by hired specialists who can sell off the majority of goods in a single day. And when you choose Sell My Stuff Canada, you know that you are dealing with a vibrant and hardworking group of people that will do whatever it takes to get you the best prices for your goods. At the closure of the estate auction, any additional items are either kept by the owner or transported at request to a local Salvation Army or second-hand store.