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Upcoming Estate and Content Sales

At Sell My Stuff Canada, we’ve developed a reputation for running some of the most lucrative and successful content sales Toronto and the rest of Canada has ever had. What is it that we do that allows us to develop that reputation? Let’s take a look:

What We Do

Sell My Stuff Canada has developed a thorough process for handling content sales. This process allows us to maximize our customers’ profits while giving them the peace of mind of knowing everything will be taken care of.

Organizing & Pricing Items

Once you’ve made the decision to hire us for your content sale, we’ll quickly move on to scheduling a date and getting your products priced. We work closely with some of the leading experts in multiple industries to ensure that all of your items are optimally priced.

While many customers may think that they should clean up and organize for us before we get to your home, we actually advise against it. As professionals in the industry, we’ve developed a highly efficient way of organizing and pricing your items. We’ll take care of the entire process to make sure that you aren’t getting rid of any items that could potentially be valuable.


One of the biggest reasons for our success in the content sales industry is our ability to advertise extensively. While we do standard advertising on our website and in newspapers and magazines we also put local signage around the neighborhood and have one of the biggest email lists in the industry. We have direct access to tens of thousands of interested buyers throughout the country.

We provide multiple pictures on our website for potential buyers to see and, in many instances, allow them to purchase products directly from our site on the date of the sale. At Sell My Stuff Canada, we’re fully dedicated to providing our customers with the highest number of potential buyers for their content sales.

Day of Sale & Clean Up

As far as the day of the sale, we take care of everything. No need to elaborate here as we plain and simply will handle the entire ‘day of sale’ process from beginning to end.

Once the sale is over, we’ll also provide clean up services to make sure that all of the products are out of your home. We can take them to storage, give them to charity, dispose of them, or even take them to an auction house if need be for antique auctions. For your furniture, we have a network of multiple used furniture stores in Toronto and around Canada that will undoubtedly take them off your hands. See our junk removal page for pictures and more info.

Other Services We Offer

While operating high end content sales is one of our main services, it isn’t the only thing we specialize in. We’re also able to successfully run the finest estate auctions, antique auctions, garage sales, and estate sales Toronto and Canada has to offer.

With over 80 years of knowledge and experience in the industry, Sell My Stuff Canada is able to provide top notch customer service for all different types of Toronto auctions and throughout Canada. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or would like to schedule a free consultation, feel free to call us anytime at 1-855-55-STUFF. You can also email us on our contact page.