Furniture consignment stores in Toronto and surrounding areas have been gaining much more attention over the last few years and rightly so. They are different than the typical dull and dreary antique stores and flea markets of the past and they present themselves as a perfect solution for compulsive re-decorators, thrifty shoppers, eclectic buyers, and as just something to do on a rainy day. New pieces are always coming and going daily and there is always something new to find. These types of stores blew up in popularity in the United States during the housing crash of 2009 as so many people were relocating quickly with very little options. Consignment stores are great for buyers and sellers alike and they are a win / win for everyone. In this post we will talk a little bit about consignment stores and how they differ from a typical estate sale.

A lot of our customers ask us if they should consign their furniture or sell it at an estate sale. The answer depends on your time frame, your level of involvement and how much “stuff” you actually have. When consigning, you are usually at the disposal of what the company is willing to take. When selling at an estate sale, it is more often than not that the company will take on the job as long as there is enough “stuff” and try to sell it all. If you only have a few items it would more likely be a consignment job.

Customers also ask quite frequently whether they should shop at estate sales or consignment stores when looking for the best deals. Again that would depend on your amount of free time available. Estate sales are a great way to pick up items for a steal as they often can go for as little as 10% of the retail price. You will usually have to line up and block off a portion of your weekend to make the trip though and the buying competition can be fierce. Consignment stores are usually open during regular business houses and you can attend at your leisure with little to no competition for items. Just like a regular store. The prices are usually not as cheap as an estate sale as the items don’t need to be cleared out that same day, but you can often find amazing deals with prices as low as 20% of the retail costs. Either way if you are shopping at an estate sale or a consignment store you are a winner as the deals will be mind blowing.

As for the sellers, you are a winner as well because you literally have to do nothing. Hire a company to run the estate sale or pick up the furniture on consignment and let them do the selling for you. When its all done let them send you the proceeds from the items you no longer wanted or needed! The best part of all about consignment stores is that you can often use your proceeds to find something that you love at huge discounts rather than buying something new! It pays to be a smart shopper and a smart seller!

Here are some bullet points reiterating what consignment is.


  • Consignment makes it easier than ever to sell your unwanted items. Furniture that is gently used, but still has life left can be offered for sale. It is a hassle free, easy and convenient way to recycle your items.  You don’t have to advertise, field calls or invite strangers into your home.  We take care of the delivery or pick up, advertising, handle the sale and have the client base needed to provide ample exposure to your furniture, art and décor.
  • Our consignment store allows you to make money by recycling your items which benefits both the community, as well as the environment.
  • All you need to do is send us photos of your gently used furniture, art and décor to our email address: [email protected] for pre-approval.  We will let you know if we can accept your items; have you sign our contract and set you up as a consignor.  Then you just sit back and wait for it to sell, and we pay you 50% of what it sells for.


  • Looking for something amazing, unique and one of a kind? Then you have come to the right place!  Great location, spacious and clean with ample parking and professional staff. Take a trip down memory lane.
  • You will find brand names, mid to high end furniture, art & décor at affordable prices.
  • Our inventory is constantly changing which makes your search more of a treasure hunt.
  • It’s easy to spot quality, and you can feel great, knowing that you have supported your community and contributed to the well being of our environment. Re-using and recycling is a way of life and lowers the carbon footprint of both the seller & buyer.

We hope this blog post helped clarify any questions out there about the differences between estate sales and consignment stores. Hope to see you at one of our estate sales or in our Thornhill consignment store shortly. We are located at 8403 Yonge Street in Thornhill. 1-855-55-STUFF.