Choosing the right estate sale company can get a bit difficult with the plethora of different businesses offering their services in the Toronto area. Looking for an estate sale company with experience and a strong reputation are a good place to start, but what are some other things that you’ll want to be looking for?

Let’s take a look at the most important things you should be looking for when deciding which estate sale business to go with for your moving sale:


The internet has made it easier than ever to check on the reputation of different companies. While the best reviews are going to come from friends and family, make sure you’re checking out any possible online information on the company that you’re planning on working with. Doing this will help you discover whether there have been disgruntled customers in the past, and if there is anything that you should be wary about. Don’t be afraid to ask the auction house about any complaints you find to be sure that the same thing won’t happen to you.


Experience is important because it shows that an auction house knows how to handle multiple different situations and multiple different products. Businesses like Sell My Stuff Canada have as much as 80 yrs experience in the moving sale business. You can be assured that businesses that have been around that long have learned from their mistakes and optimized a process that best fits their customer’s needs.

Advertising Ability

If you’re not getting people at your garage sale you obviously can’t expect to be getting much out of it. Ask potential estate sale businesses about the different types of advertising they do to ensure a strong turnout for their estate sales. You’ll want to be sure that they can at least provide the standard newspaper and online advertising.

Content sale businesses with extensive websites, such as Sell My Stuff Canada, are probably the best option because they can provide multiple avenues from which to advertise the estate sales Toronto has to offer. Be sure that the business you’re deciding to work with can provide the amount and quality of potential buyers that can maximize your profits.

Depth of Involvement

You’ll obviously want to know exactly how much the estate sale business can do for you before, after, and during your moving sale. Pricing, appraisal, and photography are three of the more important things that you’ll want to be sure they can provide for you as this is usually the most time consuming part of running content sales. You’ll also want to know exactly what type of plan they have for the actual day of the sale.

Premium estate sale services will be able to provide you everything from the pricing and photography of your items to the advertising to making sure the day of the sale runs smoothly. Many will also take care of any issues after the actual antique auctions are over.


Accidents during estate auctions aren’t common but they’re obviously possible. You’ll want to make sure that the place you’re working with is fully insured so you can avoid being held liable for any of your items that are broken.

As we’ve mentioned, finding the best estate sale business for Toronto auctions can be a difficult task if you aren’t sure what to look for. Hopefully this list has pointed you in the right direction to helping you find somebody that can provide you the smoothest process possible.