Choosing an content sale company to handle your content and estate sales can be an extremely rewarding decision. Premium auction houses, such as Sell My Stuff Canada, have the ability to save you time and maximize your moving sale profits. They also have the ability to provide a smooth and comfortable process during a time that is relatively precipitous.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the major reasons why hiring a content sale company is the right move for you:

Help With Pricing

An experienced business can help you find out exactly what you can get for the items that you have to offer. Figuring out what to charge for your used products can be extremely confusing for a someone running their own garage sale. Auction houses work with you to accurately appraise your items and make sure that you’re getting what you deserve.

They have experience working with tons of different types of products and know exactly what potential buyers are willing to pay. There are always a plethora of different items where owners aren’t aware of the their true value. A content sale company will handle all the research for you, from hiring industry experts to doing historical research, to make sure that you know exactly what you’re offering at your antique auctions.


Hiring a content sale business for your Toronto auctions means not having to worry about handling the advertising associated with the process. Premiere companies like Sell My Stuff Canada advertise in newspapers, trade magazines, and with top of the line SEO content online. They also have lists of past buyers that they can attract to your estate auctions, providing you with the largest group of qualified buyers possible.

Help Before & After the Sale

The biggest advantage of working with an experienced content sale business is that they take care of all of the dirty work before and after your estate or content sales. They’ll handle all the photography, documentation, and research required to make your moving sale a breeze for you.

Most companies will also help handle the after the sale issues, such as cleaning up leftover items. They’ll help you figure out what to do with the remaining items, whether that be selling them online or giving them away to charity, and will make sure you’re satisfied from beginning to end.

Handling the Sale

The most important part of the estate auctions process is obviously the actual day that the sale is taking place. A top of the line company will handle the entire day from the inside out. They’ll take care of the money exchanges, the assisting of the customers, and the security required to prevent any issues. This leaves you free to enjoy the opportunity to simply watch the sales take place.

Hiring a content sale company is a great option for anyone looking for the easiest way possible to get rid of their moving sale items. With the ability to maximize your profits and save you time, there’s no doubt that it would be the right move for you.