This guest post is contributed by Real Estate Unlimited.

Effective staging can increase the final sale price of your home by as much as ten percent. These days, agents and homeowners have access to a wealth of staging solutions, including comprehensive room-by-room interior redecoration and refurnishing. Line-item costs of staging can quickly add up, and many homeowners are understandably reluctant to spend large sums of money to redecorate a house they’re not planning to own much longer.

In this post, we’ll look at some inexpensive staging techniques homeowners can achieve on their own. These DIY staging options will help you prep your home for a successful sale without breaking the bank.

Clutter Control

Any interior decorator will tell you that the key to a welcoming room is an open space free of distracting clutter. You’re probably in the process of sorting and cleaning out possessions in preparation for moving day, but prioritizing rooms you plan to stage is an easy way to ensure that those rooms will look their best. Old magazines, cards and letters, ragged posters, outdated toiletries, dusty candles, faded throw pillows, and battered furniture should all be consigned to the junk pile tout suite so that your beautiful bedroom suite can take center stage.

Furniture Fixes

Remember that less is more. Consider removing a few pieces of furniture from each room to increase interior space. Choose one large item to be the focus – sofa, dining table, antique cabinet – and arrange the room around it. Make sure that all of the furniture in each room shares a unified color and design scheme where possible – shift clashing ornaments to another room or store them in preparation for your move.

Stow and Store

If you aren’t throwing many things away, stow them in closets or move them to out-of- the-way rooms. Small appliances should be removed from countertops, and knick-knacks should be culled from surface areas. Built-in wooden fixtures like shelves and mantels should hold a carefully-curated selection of possessions so that they aren’t overwhelmed. In addition to creating the impression of space, decluttering will also depersonalize your home. This will make it easier for prospective buyers to see it as a space they can claim as their own.

Fresh Paint

If you don’t want to deal with the effort and expense of having your entire home repainted, consider painting a few rooms yourself. A bright neutral tone will unify the central rooms of your home and give your interior a fresh, clean appearance. Paint can also provide a quick solution to a dated or battered kitchen cabinets. Paint and supplies are inexpensive, and you should be able to repaint your living room, kitchen, and foyer over the course of a weekend.

Color Accents

It’s best to stick with neutral colors, clear surfaces, and open interiors. However, adding a small color accent can bring focus to a room and prevent simplicity from seeming bland. These color accents can be as straightforward as a vase of flowers, a bowl of lemons, or a pot of basil from the local big box store. For maximum impact, make sure that one vivid color dominates whatever centerpiece you choose.

Clean Start

If you don’t have the time or money to pay for paint and carpeting, you can achieve some of the same brand-new effect by cleaning your home from top to bottom. Steam-cleaning carpets costs a fraction of replacement, and carpets will look much fresher afterwards. Windows, walls, and surfaces should all be scrubbed clean. Any wooden furniture should be carefully polished, as well as any curios you intend to display. It’s important to include everything – particularly fixtures that don’t get cleaned often, like aluminum screens, fireplaces, and aging grout.

Having a Content Sale

Tired of your old stuff? Maybe it’s time for new furniture anyways so why drag the old stuff with you to the new house? Having a content sale is a great way to sell off your unwanted stuff that is cluttering up the house. This gives you some extra cash to buy new stuff when you are ready to move to the new home. It will also make your house look cleaner by getting rid of bulky items and knick knacks that are cluttering things up.

Conscious Curb Appeal

Don’t neglect the exterior of your house – after all, it’s the first thing prospective buyers will see! Cut the grass and remove any dead branches. Make sure that all trees and bushes are trimmed and all beds free of dead leaves. Children’s toys and gardening equipment should be put away, and any fixtures like bird baths or benches should be scrubbed clean. A few potted geraniums or marigolds from the local nursery are a cost-effective way to brighten your front yard, and you can use them to create a path leading visitors to your front door.

Selling your home is always a complicated process, and some cost outlays are inevitable. But with these DIY staging tips, you can avoid a hefty staging fee without losing out on any of the charm of a professionally-staged home.

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