5 Tips on How to Start the Downsizing Process

Thinking of Downsizing? We know it’s stressful and your head is probably spinning right now thinking where do I even start? Well here some simple tips and tricks to get the downsizing ball rolling. Consider your needs and make a plan What size space will you be moving into? This will determine how much of [...]

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Consignment Store or Estate Sale?

Furniture consignment stores in Toronto and surrounding areas have been gaining much more attention over the last few years and rightly so. They are different than the typical dull and dreary antique stores and flea markets of the past and they present themselves as a perfect solution for compulsive re-decorators, thrifty shoppers, eclectic buyers, and [...]

De-clutter By Selling, Not Storing

Enough with storage! Haven’t you had enough of dumping items into the first hiding spot you can find  and ignoring them until they become a problem? Is that not exactly what brought all the clutter to your house or garage in the first place? People think that seeking out a storage facility is the best [...]

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