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Cheap DIY Staging Ideas to Prep Your Home for Sale

This guest post is contributed by Real Estate Unlimited. Effective staging can increase the final sale price of your home by as much as ten percent. These days, agents and homeowners have access to a wealth of staging solutions, including comprehensive room-by-room interior redecoration and refurnishing. Line-item costs of staging can quickly add up, and many homeowners [...]

How to make furnishing your home a stress free experience

By: Marcy Norman Whether it’s your first place or your forever home, furnishing your space can be very costly. Alternatively, buying used furniture can be a fun and economical way to add pieces to your home. From practical items such as dining room tables and sofas to character pieces such as the perfect antique hutch, it [...]

2017-08-24T16:13:35-07:00October 4th, 2016|DIY tips|

Breathe New Life Into Your Old Vintage Furniture

There is a certain beauty in vintage furniture. Not only for how it looks and the craftsmanship that went into it, but the nostalgia of what it once was and who it belonged to and the thoughts of what it could be in the future with a little bit of TLC.  Vintage furniture can add [...]

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