Closing Sale

Great Items Available At The Estate and Closing Sales

There are two great estate sales that will be taking place this weekend, both of which will be happening on Saturday, the 20th. The first one, which will be taking place at 6595 Marina Drive in Ottawa, will be going on from 8AM until 2PM. The second one, which will be taking place at 16802 [...]

2014-09-19T17:53:49-07:00September 19th, 2014|Closing Sale, Estate Sale|

De-clutter By Selling, Not Storing

Enough with storage! Haven’t you had enough of dumping items into the first hiding spot you can find  and ignoring them until they become a problem? Is that not exactly what brought all the clutter to your house or garage in the first place? People think that seeking out a storage facility is the best [...]

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