Managing An Estate Sale

Estate sales can be one of the most challenging types of sales to perform on your own. Although not every estate sale involves a death, those that do can be take an emotional toll on family and loved one. The items and possessions of the deceased represent them in life, and letting go of these [...]

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Should I Trust An Auction House To Sell My Stuff?

If you’re a homeowner with too much clutter sitting around your home, you might have considered an auction house at one time or another. If you’re like most people, you’ve seen the industry popularly portrayed on television and in movies by the rambling auctioneer, but that may be the extent of your experience. The process [...]

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5 Signs You Have Too Much Stuff

Ever wonder if you’re one of “those” type of people with too much stuff sitting around your home? After dozens of family vacations, and all the little trinkets that you just had to buy, things can really start to add up and take up space. Here are 5 signs that you have too much stuff [...]

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House Liquidation Or Storage, Which Is Right For Me?

There comes a time with everyone when you decide you’re ready to settle down. When that time comes your way, you might be faced with some dramatic decision regarding the direction of your life. Perhaps you desire exotic travel, or even a quiet condo on the beach? Either way, your possessions should hold you back. [...]

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4 Strategies For A Successful Content Sale

Hosting a content sale can be a simple way to earn some extra money while getting rid of all your old stuff lying around the house. But, just because you set up a few items in your driveway doesn’t always mean that your content sale is going to pay off. If you want your content [...]

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National Post Article

Matt Gurney: A solution to the hard cull of family heirlooms Original Article A little tradition I’ve fallen into at the end of each year is to look back at everything I’ve written over the last 12 months. It’s a fun way both to remind myself of what was in the news that year and [...]

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Getting The Best Price For Your Goods

Selling second-hand products and goods has been a standard for thousands of years, from ancient merchants hawking their items in crowded streets and antique auctions, to the flea-markets and bustling vendors in today’s busy urban environment. But more and more, the Internet and online trading has become the staple means of both purchasing and selling [...]

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