Huge Undersea Pipes Wash Up On U.K. Beaches

Huge sections of plastic undersea pipe one measuring approximately a 3rd of the mile very long have washed up on British beach locations alongside the Norfolk coast, considerably for the surprise of beachgoers. YouTube The sections of pipe have been reportedly staying towed from Norway to a ability plant in Algeria on July eighteen, each time a container ship ran into the tow, environment 12 big sections adrift. 8 lengths on the 8-foot-wide pipe were "secured and below regulate," according to Britain's Maritime & Coastguard Agency. The four other sections have been not recovered. At least two of them ended up on U.K. shorelines. The Guardian writes: "The beached pipes have attracted curious beachgoers. ... [The] pipes are vast enough to drive a car through. Aerial footage showed two Mike Mitchell Jersey men walking on top of one particular from the pipes, as others took selfies." MCA and the manufacturer of the pipes, Pipelife Norge, have warned people to stay away from the pipes to prevent injury. "It is e sential now that the salvage team fence off the pipes. If a 2.5-metre [8-foot] diameter pipe, several hundred-metre extensive pipe is moving in the water it is extremely dangerous," Pipelife's export manager Trygve Blomster tells The Guardian. "If you fall beside that while it moved you will be smashed. If you walk on the pipe and you drop off it is extremely dangerous."YouTube The MCA says the pipes ended up not an environmental risk, but that it "may take several weeks" to return them to Norway. A video on Pipelife Norge's corporate website shows how the pipes are towed at sea and deployed on the sea bottom.

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You can put a value on things, but what about on emotions?

As estate sale and content sale organizers, we play an important role in putting a value on things. Used furniture, antique china, artwork, rugs, vintage jewelry, etc. While we can easily appraise the monetary value of things as that is our job. Where it gets a little tricky is  determining the value of emotions attached [...]

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Consignment Store or Estate Sale?

Furniture consignment stores in Toronto and surrounding areas have been gaining much more attention over the last few years and rightly so. They are different than the typical dull and dreary antique stores and flea markets of the past and they present themselves as a perfect solution for compulsive re-decorators, thrifty shoppers, eclectic buyers, and [...]

The Collector’s Dream

A lot of us have a touch of the collector bug, and although we far-to-often self-diagnose our proclivity as an affliction, there's no denying the bliss of aquisition. I'm of the opinion that growing even the most modest of collections can add a whole new dimension of positivity to your daily life. As with anything, [...]

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De-clutter By Selling, Not Storing

Enough with storage! Haven’t you had enough of dumping items into the first hiding spot you can find  and ignoring them until they become a problem? Is that not exactly what brought all the clutter to your house or garage in the first place? People think that seeking out a storage facility is the best [...]

5 Tips for Buying Vintage Furniture at Estate Sales

Nothing adds a classy tinge to the interior like vintage upholstered furniture. The good news is that you don’t need to sacrifice your entire salary on a single piece. Find real treasurers in the most unlikely places. Forget about the flea markets. Visit an old –school garage sale or estate sale. Many people are turning [...]

Shabby Chic is the New Vintage

The rustic vintage vibes are back and they are not going away any time soon. This time the reminiscence for the past is indulged in the increasingly popular shabby chic style. The design is a modern reading of the lush and rich Regency period interior. It combines rustic vintage style and contemporary urban trends.  The [...]

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4 Things To Look For In Antiques

When it comes to moving sales and estate auctions in Toronto, our knowledgeable and trusted staff at SellMyStuff come across a variety of different antiques. For those selling or those just interested in purchasing antiques, there’s a few tips every treasure hunter should keep in mind. 1. Rarity This is how common or uncommon a [...]

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