As estate sale and content sale organizers, we play an important role in putting a value on things. Used furniture, antique china, artwork, rugs, vintage jewelry, etc. While we can easily appraise the monetary value of things as that is our job. Where it gets a little tricky is  determining the value of emotions attached to things as this is an activity that even angels would fear to undertake.

On the inside of our estate and content sales, there is often a lifetime of emotions attached to the things. Some things represent strong feelings of love for a family member. Some things represent a desire to return to a carefree time in life when health was good and the world was simple. Some represent a period of sadness in life or a grief that was never released. Some things represent moments and accumulations of pride. Some things bring feelings of closeness to loved ones and people who are separated by time and distance. Some things hold feelings of happiness associated with dinners, games nights, travel, traditions, sporting events, outings, good times and missed opportunities.

We take seriously our roles as the broker of things to which emotions are attached. Our goal is to obtain a fair monetary value for things. While we understand the monetary value of things, we would never presume to be able to place a monetary value on the emotions attached to things. Some things may be priceless, and in those circumstances we would tell the family to keep it and pass it on as no one in the resale market is going to pay that priceless fee for something they don’t have the same connection with. When you want it sold, we sell it for you and try to take the emotion out of the game. At the end of the day, our clients need their things gone, but the memories will live on forever in the hearts and minds of them and their loved ones. So cherish the memories, not the things.

If you are looking for a second opinion on those priceless pieces or are looking for help with the sale or appraisals of your items please contact us today and we would be happy to help.