Thinking of Downsizing? We know it’s stressful and your head is probably spinning right now thinking where do I even start? Well here some simple tips and tricks to get the downsizing ball rolling.

  1. Consider your needs and make a plan
  • What size space will you be moving into? This will determine how much of your current household belonging are going to fit into your new place. This is key as moving from a 3000 sq foot home to a 1500 sq foot townhouses means that you will automatically be looking at having to get rid of ½ of your stuff.
  • Think about what you have and make a list of the things you can not live without. Whether it’s a bookshelf of family photo albums or your antique sewing machine, it is important to think about what you really want in your new space.
  1. Go through everything
  • This means everything … the boxes in the garage, the bins in the storage room, that old box of books from college … it all has to be gone through.
  • Start with an area such as the kitchen. Go through the drawers an cupboards and ask yourself questions like “how many mixing bowls do I need for my new space.” If the answer is 4 and you have 7, then you can get rid of 3 bowls.
  • Start making piles of items that you won’t be bringing to your new place. Can it be donated or sold? If it’s garbage then get rid of it.
  1. Measure your furniture
  • Now that you’ve made your way through your house, you should be left with the things you are considering brining with you to your new place.
  • Now you need to consider if it will fit in your new place.
  • Are your new bedrooms smaller? Are you going from 4 bathrooms to 2 bathrooms? Will your oversized sofa fit in your new living room?
  1. Assess your new storage situation
  • We often forget about storage when we are looking to downsize.
  • Think about what the storage space looks like in your new space. In all likelihood, your current place has much more storage for things like bikes, golf clubs and your luggage set.
  • Will you have the space to store all of these big items?

  1. Make a plan for what’s left
  • Do family members (children, grandchildren) want any of the items?
  • Is there anything that can be sold? There are many great moneymaking options for selling the things in your home.
  • Is there anything that can be donated?

Make sure you give yourself time to get through the process. It is not an easy task but with a little planning and thinking ahead, the process of downsizing can be smooth and possibly even fun! If you need more help or have any other questions please give us a call at 1-855-55-STUFF or click here to request a free consultation. 

Thanks for reading and happy downsizing!