When you’ve decided to go with an estate sales company like the knowledgeable staff at SellMyStuff, a number of questions always crop up. Getting the answer to these questions so that you can enjoy your moving sale and end up making a profit is important, so let’s take a look at five things to keep in mind.

  1. Parting With Beloved Items

This is easier if you live alone, but for many of us that have families or spouses, figuring out what’s okay to sell and what is taboo can be dicey at the best of times. If you sell your wife’s golden pearl heirloom that’s been in the family for generations by accident at your garage sale, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do. It’s crucial to coordinate before your estate sales and auction with all members of the household, to ensure nothing valuable ends up leaving with a stranger. This goes for you personally – be 100% sure you are okay with parting with something, and if there’s any doubt, put it aside.

  1. Why Are You Selling?

This might seem like an odd question, but your motivation for selling will not only determine what gets sold, but for how much. Many people want to have an estate auctions simply to get rid of accumulated items that have accrued over the years, and that have no practical use to them. On the other hand, a lot of people have garage sales with profit in mind, and want to make a little extra money. Being clear about your motivation, both to our friendly staff at SellMyStuff and with yourself, will help you get the most out of your estate sales experience.

  1. Have Realistic Expectations

For people that have never had an estates auction at their residence, or homeowners who are using SellMyStuff for the first time, it’s important to keep your expectations in check – many people are sometimes surprised by the value (or lack thereof) of their items. Shows like Antique Roadshow and Storage Wars have placed unreasonably high expectations on people, and many assume that they have treasures hiding in their attics. More often than not, getting rid of something means settling for less, and if you go into a moving sale with a clear idea of what to expect, the less you’ll be disappointed.

  1. Making New Connections

For most ordinary garage sales, strangers or friends from the neighbourhood will stop by and purchase an item – there is a very formal protocol. At SellMyStuff we pride ourselves in establishing long-lasting relationships, not just with homeowners, but with businesses as well. If you decide to work with us, we can introduce you to a number of other companies that are interested in a variety of goods, from wholesale electronics, toys, and even antiques ranging from old furniture and kitchenware, to machine parts. Our huge network of local buyers is a proven way to get to know your own community better, even if it’s only for a single moving sale.